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Kerala Medical Services Corporation (KMSCL) is a fully owned Government Company for providing services to the various health care institutions under the department of Health & Family Welfare as per Section 617 of Companies Act; 1956. The company was incorporated on 28th December 2007. One of the key objectives of the KMSCL is to act as the central procurement agency for all essential drugs and equipments for all public healthcare institutions under the department.

The company is procuring drugs worth more than Rs 600 crores & above 400 different types of medical equipments and also provides services needed for health sector. The corporation has also been entrusted with the setting up and running of all kinds of modem Medical and Paramedical or medical based ancillary facilities such as hospitals, pathological labs, diagnostic centers, x-ray/scanning facilities. The government of Kerala formulated KMSCL to provide best in class healthcare infrastructure services to the over 1300 healthcare institutions under the department of Health & Family Welfare, Kerala State.

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